Sep 18, 2023

Ever dreamed of becoming an airline pilot? What is it about being a pilot that causes people to strive to build a career in the aviation industry? Is it being in command of large, powerful aircraft, travelling the world for free, or the rewarding responsibility of transporting passengers safely to their destinations? Whatever the reason it is clear the profession holds a fascination that goes well beyond the usual 9 to 5!

Yes, being a pilot comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard work, but the rewards are immense. Thinking about becoming an airline pilot and want to know the best things about the job? To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of being an airline pilot, read on to find out more.

1. You Get To Travel The World

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of a career as a pilot is the travel opportunities that come with the job. Being an airline pilot means you have ample opportunity to travel to new countries across different routes, experiencing various cultures, meeting people and exploring places you may never have had the chance to do otherwise – while getting paid to do it! The range of travel experiences is without a doubt one of the best things about being a pilot.

2. Job Stability

No matter where you are based in the world, the airline industry is one of the most stable industries to work in. World travel has become the norm for many businesses and individuals, and many essential services rely on the crucial services airlines provide. Even though pilots struggled to maintain their hours during the pandemic when travel was restricted, the industry showed its resilience by bounding back within a very short time. As an airline pilot, you can expect a stable job with good benefits while working for reputable companies, and due to the high level of skill required, there is always a shortage of pilots, making for good ongoing employment prospects.

3. Great Pay And Benefits

Airline pilots are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world. Yes, the job comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard work – but they are paid well for their time and dedication. The pay scale for airline pilots is usually determined by several factors, including training, experience, the type of aircraft flown, and the airline company. Most airlines will also offer additional long-service and health benefits.

4. Good Career Advancement

There are many areas for advancement when working as an airline pilot. You can become a Flight Instructor, First Officer (co-pilot), Captain, Test Pilot, and Chief Pilot (overseeing other pilots), plus delving into various other areas of the aviation industry. The opportunities for career advancement in the airline industry are there for the taking!

5. Prestige And Authority

Due to the extensive training, high level of skill and responsibility that goes with the job, being an airline pilot is considered a very prestigious job. It is a role that naturally comes with a lot of recognition and respect among peers, aviation staff and the general public.

6. Travel Discounts For Family And Friends

Most airlines offer heavily discounted (or free) airfares for a pilot’s family members – this means your whole family could benefit from you becoming a pilot! In some cases, you may also be able to benefit from discounted accommodation rates as well, as some hotels provide special rates for pilots too. Bring on the good deals and great vacations!

7. Flexibility For Greater Work Life Balance

Working as an airline pilot is not your typical 9 to 5 job, your hours are likely to vary somewhere between full-time and part-time. This flexibility suits many pilots as they can choose their own schedule with the ability to create a more balanced lifestyle. A pilot’s work day may also vary with shifts and hours available around the clock, offering even greater flexibility, keeping the routine interesting and varied.

8. Opportunities For Personal Growth

Flying a plane can be an exhilarating and challenging experience, but make no mistake, becoming an airline pilot requires dedication, hard work, and discipline. Pilots are trained to handle difficult and unexpected situations, make on-the-spot decisions, and are constantly learning. They work closely with their flight and ground crews to ensure a safe and efficient flight. This high-energy, hyper-focused environment allows pilots to hone and grow their problem-solving, self-discipline and teamwork skills.

9. It’s A Rewarding Career!

Generally speaking, when encountering aviation professionals, you will find they are extremely passionate about what they do. The job satisfaction that comes from commanding complex aircraft filled with passengers and getting them safely to their destination is a major buzz. Every day brings new challenges and rewards, which not only keeps things exciting but also encourages you to become a better pilot.

10. You Get To Meet Lots Of New People

One of the best things about being an airline pilot is the opportunity to meet new people each and every day. Whether it’s flight crew, airport staff, passengers or local residents, you will have ample opportunity to meet people from all around the world, broadening your horizons and expanding your knowledge.

One More Bonus Benefit – The Stunning Views!

The incredible views you will get to experience every day from the cockpit make for some pretty memorable moments. Most airline pilots would say it’s a part of the job that never gets old and would rate the sunsets, sunrises, bright blue sky, cloud formations, and front-row seats for dramatic weather events as one of the top perks of being a pilot.

Become A Pilot With Southern Wings

Want to enjoy the benefits of being a pilot for yourself? The next step is to look into pilot training and airline pathways. The Southern Wings Flight Training School are proud to offer a range of pilot training courses that will take you right from your PPL through to CPL and ATPL, as well as a number of instrument ratings and their more specific Airline Integration Course.

Southern Wings has been operating under a partnership with Air New Zealand as a preferred flight training organisation (PFTO) since April 2011, their current training programmes offer quality flight training with a focus on airline-specific criteria.

When choosing Southern Wings for you flight training prospective pilots can expect;

  • A flight training programme specifically designed for commercial airline pilot training
  • A curriculum designed for airline-styled entry criteria
  • Access to two great New Zealand flight training locations – Auckland and Invercargill
  • Interaction with existing airline personnel

Whether you are just thinking about a career in aviation, are already on your way to becoming a pilot and have your PPL or part way through your CPL – choose Southern Wings pilot training courses for the best in airline pilot training – start your application today.



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