Southern Wings operate a modern, superbly equipped, well-maintained and diversified fleet, suitable for all training purposes as part of a New Zealand flying school.

Primary fixed wing training is carried out in the two seat Alpha 160A aerobatic aircraft. The aircraft are recent model aircraft maintained to air transport standards. They offer superb handling, unimpeded visibility from a bubble canopy, the opportunity for aerobatic training and will contribute to well honed “stick and rudder” skills. The avionics and instrument suites installed include Garmin radios and GPS.

As students progress to cross country and advanced aspects of flight training they can expect to transition to the Piper Archer PA 28 – 181 aircraft and the Cessna 172. They are also the aircraft in which students are introduced to instrument flying. The instrument equipped aircraft also have Garmin 430 GPS and G1000 fitted.

For multi engine conversion training and advanced instrument training our students can expect to transition to the Piper Seneca aircraft. These aircraft have proven to be sound multi engine instrument trainers and Southern Wings has fitted the aircraft with Garmin 530 GPS and ASPN EFD 750, while retaining VOR / ILS and ADF / RMI capability.



In Invercargill we operate an iGate S623  simulator that is VOR, RMI, ADF and ILS fitted.  It is setup as a Piper Seneca twin.  It has a CAA approval for up to 20 hours of the required 40 hours of instrument time required to be completed prior to the instrument flight test. It is also approved for use in providing IFR currency and for parts of some instrument renewal assessments.

In Auckland we operate the Redbird FMX 1000  simulator that is VOR, RMI, ILS and GPS fitted.  It is set up as either a Cessna 172 or Beechcraft Baron.  It has a CAA approval of up to 20 hours of the required 40 hours of instrument time required for an instrument flight test.  It too can be used for currency, renewal assessments.

Students may also log 2 hours of instrument flight in the simulator towards their PPL licence and 4 hours towards their CPL licence, in both simulators.