Aircraft Propeller Basics

Jul 9, 2020

The purpose of the propeller is to provide a method of propulsion so the aircraft is able to move forward through the air. The propeller itself consists of two or more blades connected together by a central hub that attaches the blades to the engine shaft. The propeller blades are shaped much like a wing… (read more)

Aircraft Instruments

Aircraft Flight Instruments Explained

Feb 14, 2020

All pilots must learn how to understand and interpret aircraft instruments in order to fly safely. These instruments are vital to the operation of the aircraft, helping the pilot maintain control and identify any potential issues at a glance. Understanding the way these instruments work means the pilot is able to recognise when the equipment… (read more)

Taking Off On Snowy Runway

Flying In Cold Weather

Nov 6, 2019

Flying in cold weather does present its own unique set of challenges for aircraft, ground crew and pilot, however there is much more to the circumstances around cold weather operations than the obvious issues with plummeting temperatures. Read on for the answers to commonly asked questions around flying in cold weather, the effects on the aircraft… (read more)

Plane Taking Off

How To Avoid ‘Get There Itis’ In Aviation

Aug 5, 2019

Rushing to get in the air, make your destination on time or beat the limits of daylight hours can be a deadly mix for pilots of any age or level of experience. This determination to continue with the original plan in spite of a change in circumstances, constraints or flying conditions is what is commonly… (read more)

Plane Flying Into Sun

Flying Through Clouds – Why Are They So Dangerous?

May 28, 2019

Weather conditions are a huge factor in aviation safety, and learning about cloud formations and their potential dangers when flying is a vital part of pilot training in New Zealand. Sometimes flying through clouds is just like driving through fog – you really can’t see much but nothing bad happens – but sometimes they can… (read more)

Passenger Plane In Flight

Aerodynamic Forces In Climbs And Descents

Feb 27, 2019

What makes an aeroplane climb? During flight there are four main forces at play on an aircraft, lift, weight, thrust, and drag. These forces constantly impact the movement and orientation of the aircraft in the air, but are particularly important when an aircraft climbs or descends. To understand the forces at play when an aircraft climbs… (read more)

Airplane Flying Above Clouds

The Effects Of Wind On Aircraft

Nov 23, 2018

It no surprise one of the biggest factors affecting an aircraft’s movements during flight is the wind. Seeing as aircraft very rarely travel in exactly the same direction as the wind, in order for an aircraft to maintain the desired course during flight, it is necessary to continually compensate for both wind direction and wind… (read more)

Pilot Going Abroad

Getting A Commercial Pilot Licence

Sep 5, 2018

Thinking about becoming a commercial pilot and need to know what’s involved? Find out how to get your commercial pilots licence in New Zealand, just how much it’s going to cost, where to train and what sort of job opportunities you can expect to find. What Is A Commercial Pilot? In order to be able… (read more)

Why Learn To Fly In NZ?

Jul 23, 2018

Well because it’s the most beautiful country to learn to fly in of course! With rugged snow-capped mountains, deep valleys smothered in untouched rainforest, sparkling glacier fed Lakes, wild wind swept hills and some of the most stunning beaches found anywhere in the world – who wouldn’t want a front row seat above all that?… (read more)

Man In Solo Aircraft

First Solo Flight – What To Expect

May 31, 2018

One of the defining moments in most pilots’ lives, one they will never forget is their first solo flight. No matter what type of aircraft you are training in the very first solo is a rewarding and exhilarating experience. Learning to fly might be a weekend hobby, intended career path or just something you have… (read more)