Top 10 Aviation Career Preparation Tips

Nov 21, 2023

Building a successful career in the aviation industry requires more than just building knowledge. It requires hard work, dedication and preparation to ensure you are ready for the high demands of the job. To help you get ahead in your aviation career preparation, here are 10 tips to get you started. 1. Make Yourself Known… (read more)

Commercial Pilot Licence NZ

10 Best Things About Becoming An Airline Pilot

Sep 18, 2023

Ever dreamed of becoming an airline pilot? What is it about being a pilot that causes people to strive to build a career in the aviation industry? Is it being in command of large, powerful aircraft, travelling the world for free, or the rewarding responsibility of transporting passengers safely to their destinations? Whatever the reason… (read more)

The Role Of Technology In The Future Of Pilot Training

Jul 25, 2023

The aviation industry has long relied upon highly specialised skills, technical and mechanical applications and critical calculations in which technology has played a key role. The use and development of new aviation technology has gradually progressed over time to the point where it has now become an absolute necessity, both within aircraft operation and the… (read more)

14 Study Tips For Aviation Students

May 25, 2023

Becoming a pilot is not just about learning to fly an aircraft, it involves studying the theory behind the principles of flight, navigation, meteorology and much more! In order to qualify for your pilot license, you must study and pass all of the theory components of your pilot training, whether it be a PPL, CPL… (read more)

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Pilot Mindset And How It Can Affect The Safety Of Your Flight

Mar 30, 2023

Being a pilot requires careful precision in all aspects of the job, from the preflight and weather assessments to filing flight plans, take-offs, landings, inflight skills and decision making. In fact, the successful completion of any flight significantly depends on a pilot’s state of mind, attitude, and personal judgment – often referred to in general… (read more)

Hypoxia In Aviation

Jan 23, 2023

Many aviation incidents and accidents are officially attributed to a pilot’s inability to detect and react to various physiological changes which results in their skills, judgement and abilities becoming compromised. When operating at high altitudes there are a number of physiological problems that can affect pilot safety and, therefore, the safety of the crew, passengers… (read more)

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What Is The Black Hole Effect?

Nov 25, 2022

Pilots must combine their human abilities, flying experience and skills, and their flight’s purpose in order to carry out their job. Under this somewhat complex combination of conditions, pilots will inevitably encounter challenging situations at times, including some that may affect the overall safety of their flight. Unfortunately, sometimes, no amount of training or experience… (read more)

Experienced Aviator Checking Flight Controls

What Does Airmanship Mean?

Sep 27, 2022

Airmanship is an integral part of the human factors related to aviation safety. But what exactly is it, and how should it be applied to flying and flight training? The key to discussing airmanship lies firmly in the decision-making process, making the right decisions at the right time is a crucial element in the ongoing… (read more)

Pilot With Flight Attendants

The Importance Of Situational Awareness In Aviation

Jul 18, 2022

It is a pilot’s job to maintain an overall awareness of the aircraft they are flying, its physical location in space and all factors relating to the safety of the flight at all times. One of the techniques they use to ensure this level of safety is Situational Awareness (SA). The pilot uses highly developed… (read more)

Pilot Flying Small Plane

Basic Principles Of Cross Country Navigation

May 11, 2022

Whether you are a student pilot getting ready to log your first cross country flight or interested in learning to fly, getting the hang of cross country navigation basics is an essential part of your training. Read on for some insight and tips that will set you up for the basics of cross country navigation…. (read more)