By choosing to train with Southern Wings, prospective pilots will be assured they are;

  • Joining a flight training programme designed to produce commercial airline pilots;
  • Likely to succeed as they have met airline styled entry criteria for programme selection;
  • Going to be interacting with airline personnel;
  • Air New Zealand’s preferred low hour candidates for turboprop first officer positions in times of high demand for new pilots.

Airline Integration Course

As part of the Airline Preparation Strand of the New Zealand Diploma In Aviation, once you have completed the private pilot license, your multi engine instrument rating,you may commence the airline integration course. The airline integration course (AIC) provides graduates with a detailed introduction to the many demands of a multi crew cockpit and the systems and the operation of modern turbo prop and jet aircraft.

For low hour pilots or those with no commercial multi crew experience the AIC provides excellent preparation for a candidate’s first type rating. On completion of the AIC the graduate will enter the aviation industry as a pilot in an hour building capacity until the minimum hour requirement for the commencement of an airline first officer placement has been attained. That effectively places the graduate in a work environment in general aviation to gain experience but with an assurance that they have already gone through an airline acceptance and have an assured career path ahead of them.