Does Southern Wings offer free fees for the first year of study?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the New Zealand Government will pay up to $12,000 to cover tuition fees towards your first year of full time study at Southern Wings.
To find out if you are eligible, use the Government’s online tool at

What academic ability is required entry into Southern Wings Flight Training courses?

University Entrance

NCEA Level 3 Certificate, or equivalent, with a least 14 level 3 credits in an English-rich subject (English, History, Art, Geography, Biology, Classics, Art History, Journalism, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Physical Education), and at least 14 Level 3 credits in a numbers-orientated subject (Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, or

A Trade Qualification at Level 4, or above, or

A pass in all PPL subjects gained over a period of not more than 42 days

English is not my first language, can I still learn to fly in New Zealand?

To hold a license in New Zealand you must be assessed to be proficient in speaking, reading and understanding English.   You are required to meet IELTS level 6 or have four  years; secondary schooling where instruction and all learning activities have taken place in English, and at least 14 Level 3 credits in an English-rich subject (English, History, Art, Geography, Biology, Classics, Art History, Journalism, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Physical Education).

What are the Medical requirements for the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation course?

A NZ CAA Medical Certificate Class 1. You can apply for the course without a Class 1 Medical Certificate. If you are accepted onto the course your commencement of the course will depend on you gaining a Class 1. If you are an international student, you can apply and be accepted without a medical certificate also, again your course commencement will depend whether or not you hold a class 1. Some countries have services that provide a NZ Class 1 Medical Certificate. You can find this information on the CAA website; If you cannot gain a medical certificate in your home country you can wait until you arrive in NZ. If you get here and can’t obtain a medical certificate then you won’t be able to commence the course and you will have to go home. Immigration New Zealand are advised if this happens.

I want to be a pilot, but can I wear glasses?

Yes.  There are a few requirements such as needing to carry a spare pair with you at all times but they will not restrict your ability to train and gain licenses.

What is Fit and Proper Status and how could it affect me?

CAA requires you to hold fit and proper status at the time of your Licence issue and to continuously comply with this status.

Students must provide an up to date Criminal Conviction Report showing a conviction free period of at least three years prior to the date on which training will commence and no more than one conviction for drunk driving. Students must also provide an up to date Demerit Points and Suspension History Report (Traffic Offence History) showing a maximum of 75 demerit points within the three years immediately prior to the date on which training will commence.

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Does my licence expire?

Your licence is valid for the lifetime of the holder. But there are currency requirements and a biennial flight review to ensure that you are operating the aircraft safely.

If I complete my flight training in New Zealand, is a New Zealand Licence recognised overseas?

NZCAA is recognised by ICAO. Most countries have a conversion process , seek advise from your Aviation Authority for more information.

Can I just get a PPL?

Yes you can.  We take casual PPL students.  A PPL allows the holder to operate as pilot in command of an aircraft as long as it is not for hire or reward. This means you can fly for your own leisure by yourself or with passengers.