Medical and travel insurance is compulsory for all international students planning to come to New Zealand for study.  Section 15.bc of Educations Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students states signatories must;

ensure that international students have the appropriate insurance coverage, including insurance covering their flight training, travel costs, medical care, and costs associated with repatriation, expatriation, and funeral expenses.

Southern Wings will not accept responsibility for the purchasing of insurance policies that are not seen as acceptable under the Ministry of Educations Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

The Code of Practice requirements for medical and travel insurance are that the policy should:

  • Commence the minute the student leaves home for the airport on their way to New Zealand
  • Apply whilst in transit
  • Apply whilst the student remains in New Zealand
  • Cover the student for any trips back home during the period of study
  • Have high sums insured and medical benefits
  • Cover emergency evacuation/repatriation as a result of serious illness or injury
  • Have accompanying relative cover
  • Insurance of personal effects
  • Cover for death, including family travel costs to an from New Zealand, costs of repatriation and expatriation of the body, and funeral expenses
  • Personal liability cover
  • Cover for flying whilst in training

Southern Wings shall determine that a student holds the correct, current and appropriate permit by sighting the permit in the passport, photocopying the title page and the permit page of the students passport and keeping this information on file.  When a student permit is due to expire prior to the end of their course, Southern Wings shall write to the student advising them to seek a renewal of their permit at least a month in advance of the permit expiry date.

Students insurance will be verified by Southern Wings prior to enrollment.  This verification process will ensure that the insurance company is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel insurance business, has a credit rating of no lower than an “A” from Standards and Poors, or a “B+” from AM Best, that they provide emergency 24 hours 7 days per week cover, students have a “certificate of currency”, and policy wording states that the student has purchased the cover for the duration of the planned period of study.  The certificate and policy wording must also detail medical sums insured, repatriation benefits etc.  The policy shall be provided in English and a copy shall be kept on file.If a student is not in the possession of an appropriate and current medical and travel insurance policy, Southern Wings undertakes to;

  • Advise the student of the medical and travel insurance requirements
  • Below are links to two insurers Southern Wings would recommend to students who need to take out medical and travel insurance
  • Uni-care Educational Travel Insurance Service:
  • Southern Cross Health Care:

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How to Get a Medical Certificate

Process of Medical Certification

Anyone wishing to apply for a medical certificate, needs to organise to see a Medical Examiner Grade 1 or 2. Please refer to the directory of medical examiners or someone in your region.

An applicant is required to make a formal application for a medical certificate. An Application for Medical Certificate form (CAA form 24067/001) is available and can be downloaded from the CAA website. It is the applicant’s responsibility to accurately complete and sign this Application for Medical Certificate prior to the Medical Examiner commencing any examination, investigation, or assessment. Given that the Application for Medical Certificate is the responsibility of the applicant, the Medical Examiner should only write in the final section as witness to the applicant signing the form.

The Application for Medical Certificate contains sections requiring:

  • Identification and contact details;
  • Licence and certificate details;
  • Information concerning previous certifications and denials;
  • Information concerning offences;
  • Family history details;
  • Medical history questionnaire (yes / no format);
  • Details concerning nicotine and alcohol intake;
  • Details of medical practitioner consultations and medications;
  • Consent provisions;
  • Signature block for applicant and ME as witness.

The Medical Examiner who first receives the completed Application for Medical Certificate from an applicant is required to forward a copy to the CAA within five working days of the application being made.

On completion of the examination, a Medical Examiner will forward the paperwork, with any additional investigations which may be required, to an ME1 for completion of the assessment.

An ME1 can proceed him/herself.

The medical assessment report will inform the applicant of the decision made. If eligible the applicant will be issued with a medical certificate with any restrictions, conditions or restriction as may be appropriate.

If not eligible the applicant may, within 20 working days ask the convener in writing to review the decision.

When more investigations or reports are required the assessment will be deferred till those become available.

Directory of Overseas Medical Examiners

This Directory is sorted by country, then by city/town, and suburb, and then the doctors’ names are listed alphabetically.

Overseas clients should use a New Zealand designated Medical Examiner when applying for a New Zealand medical certificate.