Student Visa

All visa applications for our New Zealand flying school take at least four weeks to process. Once you are in New Zealand, then Southern Wings will be able to assist you with visa extensions and other visa issues you may have. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid visa and apply for a new one 4 weeks ahead of when your current one expires. Applications for student visas must include:

  • Application for visa form this can be found on the immigration website by following this link:
  • Offer of Place letter from Southern Wings
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt
  • NZ $200 Visa fee (this cost may change)
  • NZ $10 for the courier fee
  • Passport photograph
  • Evidence that you are able to meet your living costs during your stay
  • Return plane ticket, or the funds to buy a ticket
  • Passport, your passport must be valid for a minimum of 3 months after your course finish date

As the aviation course is longer than 6 months you are required to provide a temporary chest x-ray certificate to New Zealand Immigration Services.

If you intend to be in New Zealand for more than 2 years you must submit a full medical and a police certificate with your application.

Please contact the nearest New Zealand High Commission, Immigration Service, your Embassy or Consulate Office for further assistance. Any student who does not keep within the conditions of their visa can be sent home by the New Zealand Immigration Service on behalf of the New Zealand Government. Student Visa applications are sent to Palmerston North. Dunedin NZIS does not see applicants for student visas.

Obtaining A Work Permit

New Zealand’s immigration regulations state that International students, who are studying a mainstream programme (other than English) on a student visa, may be able to obtain a work permit. This may enable you to undertake paid employment during the quitter summer period from December to February. You may work for limited hours per week at other times during the study period but Southern Wings does not recommend this as the course is very busy. For more information on obtaining a work permit you can go directly to the New Zealand Immigration website or ring them on 0508 55 8855. For further advice on permanent residency or other immigration matters, kindly contact a Licenced Immigration Adviser. A list of which is available at the NZIS website.